Captain Frey Rhylan

Member of House Rhylan, ally to Lord Blackthorne


Frey Rhylan is the favored great, great, great…grandchild of Lord Admiral Osiris Rhylan, the infamous Rogue Trader and subsector governor of Rhylanor.

Frey has been dispatched by his “grand father” to assist his long time friend in his adventures in the Koronus Expanse, while at the same time, expanding Rhylan interests.

Frey has been selected to receive a warrant at the next celebration of the birth of our Blessed God Emperor, and as such he will travel to Scintilla to receive his commission and warrant, and will be gifted a ship and other honors from Marius Hax Lord Calixis on behalf of the Lords of Terra.

Frey is 6’3" tall and muscular build. He has a vaguely wild look to him, rather than the refined look of a child of a dynasty or nobleman, which he has certainly been bred to be. He has had the best training that a dynasty can provide, and has been ready to inherit his “grandfather’s” warrant for some time. His selection for a warrant in his own right will cause something of a vaccuum for the position of designated heir of Rhylan, which may lead to in-fighting and other problems.

His ship is ancient, fast and very powerful. It is the Orion, which is THE class vessel for the Orion Class Star Clippers, which are extremely fast gunned merchant vessels. He has made quite a name for himself with that ship, and even though his grandfather gave him the choice of ships of his fleet, he chose the Orion.

Captain Frey Rhylan

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