Lady Captain Sun Lee

Leader of House Ma'Kao Dynasty of Rogue Traders


Lady Captain Sun Lee is the current holder of the Ma’Kao Warrant. She and her clan control hundreds of facilities across the entire Segmentum Obscura, and Calixis Sector in particular. She has more than a dozen merchant vessels plying the very lucrative trade routes her dynasty has established and controls, and has a fleet of route protectors which are for the most part raider hulls which she and or her predecessors have captured and repurposed.

She is a beautiful lady, wearing jade colored power armor and using an exquisite powersword with which she is an acknowledged master.

Her flagship is the light cruiser Nihontu, and it is always escorted by three Wolfpack Raiders.
She has an entire regiment of her house troops on the Nihontu, and they are trained and equipped as well as any imperial guard unit.

Lady Captain Sun Lee

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