Lady Captain Tess Constantine


Tess is the last member of her house. Literally. All of her relatives are dead. Their assets mostly in ruins. She inherited her house in shambles. Her goal is nothing less than to restore it to the glory and power it enjoyed more than 10,000 years ago. Yes her house was one of the originals granted by the Lords of Terra while the Blessed Emperor still walked amongst lesser men.

She turned to Aleksandr Blackthorne for assistance, and has rendered all she could in return for his blessings and aid in rebuilding her shattered house.

Previously the Constantine Dynasty controlled as many as 100 warp capable ships. Before coming to the assistance of Blackthorne, and in turn receiving his aid, she was down to a single warp capable vessel, the frigate Blazing Star.

She recently received from the Blackthorne Shipyards, her family’s former Lunar Class Cruiser which was holed out and shattered and has been rebuilt to the Armageddon Class Battle Cruiser,
Divine Might

As mentioned she also has the Firestorm Class Frigate Blazing Star, and two Cobra Class Destroyers- White Fang and Deep Strike. The Blazing Star has been in her family for thousands of years. The two Cobra Class Destroyers are recent acquisitions which formerly flew the Stellan flag. As she assisted Blackthorne, these Cobras fell to her superior tactics and the firepower of the Blazing Star. Both have recently emerged from the shipyards, more or less fully repaired and ready to serve the renewed Constantine Fleet.

Blackthorne has a true ally here, as he has helped her on her path to restore her house, or die trying.

Lady Captain Tess Constantine

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