Landon Ambrose


Nephew to Martin Ambrose, and until very recently the heir of his throne, Landon is an imperial nobleman through and through. Tall, distinguished, refine, and yet decadent. He has spent the majority of his already considerable life pleasuring himself somewhat famously on the various pleasure planets within the Sector Calixis. He recently has been seen on Port Wander with an assortment of his followers and body guard.

With the return of Lady Kyrie Ambrose, Landon is no longer the obvious candidate to inherit the Ambrose mantle. He will talk to anyone about the injustices of fate at any time… perhaps even seeking out those who will agree life is unfair….

He is 5’10" tall and lithe in build. He wears the very finest that his considerable wealth can afford, and is never seen in the same clothing twice. He has an obviously cybernetic right arm, and wears a cutlass and a pistol, both incredibly ornate, on his waist.

Landon Ambrose

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