Lord Admiral Osiris Rhylan


Lord Admiral Osiris Rhylan is legend. He and Aleksandr Blackthorne are the very pinnacle of everything that all Rogue Traders aspire to. Even Lord Captain Sarvus Trask!!!

Wealthy beyond measure, with fleets, and millions or possibly billions of servants, dozens of planetary systems call him Lord. He is Lord Rhylanor, ruler of the Rhylanor Subsector in the eastern fringe. Osiris is quasi immortal as well. Known to have inherited his warrant more than 1000 years ago, it is inevitable that he would have crossed paths with Blackthorne. Instead of becoming enemies, they became best of friends.

Never content to sit back and let others make a profit in his name, Osiris can usually be found in the armored command bridge of his ancient flagship Abydos

His named heir, Captain Frey Rhylan, a great great great…. grandson was dispatched to Koronus to assist his good friend, and was recently named to the Emperor’s Birthday list, and will be granted his own warrant for actions on behalf of the Lords of Terra. (unclear what that act or actions were)

Who his new heir will be is definitely a question for many to consider, and the remaining candidates are lining up support and sharpening their wits and possibly their knives……

Lord Admiral Osiris Rhylan

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