Lord Captain Sarvus Trask

the quintessential Rogue Trader and example which all should aspire to


Sarvus is the legend the expanse has waited for, for centuries. He is the biggest, baddest, most greedy, most capable of scion of any Rogue Trader house in the Expanse, or anywhere else for that matter. Just ask him, he will tell you the same.

An ambitious, smart, perhaps slightly mad, yet extremely capable Rogue Trader. Sarvus has stared down those who are much more powerful, helped those in need, crushed those he should have been destroyed by, and occasionally spanked by those he should not have been challanged by. Sarvus is a fair yardstick for the new up and coming Rogue Trader.

His Havoc Class Raider Ceberus is the current flagship of his fleet, which includes dozens of in system craft which service his system of Carros. Additionally he is constructing a shipyard in his system with the assistance of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Over the last few years, he has acquired two Wolfpack Raiders, an additional Havoc Class Raider and a Tempest Class Frigate named Reliable. The raiders were pirates he defeated, and claimed the vessels, the Reliable was a space hulk he has reclaimed. All are being worked on in the beginnings of the ship yard at Carros. His prize however is the Lathe Class Light Cruiser Magos Absolom. This vessel was recovered from the Procession of the Damned represents an entirely new level of power and influence for his dynasty. At a horrendous cost he is nearly complete with its restoration.

Trask is larger than life. Look at the cover of your Rogue Trader Core Book Lads….. That is him.

Lord Captain Sarvus Trask

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