Revan Hastur

Heir of the Hastur Noble House of Malfi


Revan is the eldest child of Lord Balthus Hastur, one of the senior advisors and lords of the hive world of Malfi. He is a Primaris Psyker who until recently was detailed to serve with Inquisitor Halfdane Metcalf of Terra.

He was released from service to return home and tend to matters of state for his father, who had need of his particular talents.

Revan radiates psychic energy, and is obviously a follower of the imperial creed. He invokes the Emperor’s blessing in nearly every conversation.

He is approximately 6’3" tall, and of medium build with wild hair and a slightly unfocused look to his eyes. He wears robes and symbols of his office and wields a massive force staff. His only other weapon appears to be an ancient plasma pistol of unfamiliar pattern. He likely has a force field of some sort, as the air around him is static filled and he has a faint aura. Normal psykers do not have the aura of their power at all times, and he is almost never without this static charge. The source is somewhat of a mystery as the only things he wears were mentioned above, except for some plain looking jewelry in the form of a jade green gem on a plain chain around his neck, and a large but not particularly fine looking green gem on a ring.

Revan Hastur

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