Severus Malchior Gaius Locke-Blackthorne

lost son


Severus who is now the youngest Blackthorne of direct issue from Aleksandr. In a “normal” noble family, he would likely inherit tremendous wealth and station if he were a “normal” youngest legitimate child, but the terms of his mother’s will makes him the *sole heir *to the incredible assets of the legendary Locke warrant, so he has in effect surpassed all of his elder siblings, as their quasi immortal father shows no signs of passing beyond any time soon. His wealth will be legendary even if his father were to cut him entirely out of his will and prodigious list of assets. Even still, the actual Blackthorne inheritance is by no means a certain thing for any of the descendants. While Aleksandr exerts an iron fist to prevent infighting, some incidents have occurred and some of the progeny have preceded their father into death.

His past is something of a mystery, as according to Blackthorne, he was kidnapped by Harak Stellan almost 20 years ago, and Harak then murdered his wife when she went after the young boy.

He apparently spent significant time on Malfi, though what he was doing, and how he was found is something of a mystery.

Severus is handsome, but has a large scar running across his face. He is of heroic stature as is his father. He is nearly 7 ft tall, and huge physique.

He dresses in a long coat of dark color, black garments beneath, tall black boots. He is dressed in what looks like common street clothes for any hive worlder. He is something like a character from a classic shoot-’em-up movie as he has no less than 12 pistols of various makes and sizes hanging from holsters, sheaths, and strapped to his arms and legs. He also has a large and ornate sword with an exquisite hilt on his back, and careful examination will reveal several throwing blades.

Why he is carrying around a small arsenal is unknown. He hangs closely with Kyrie and Cross. He is obviously close to his father, but otherwise seems not yet sure of his surroundings and how to take it all in.

Severus Malchior Gaius Locke-Blackthorne

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