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Welcome to Return of the King.

The campaign centers on the Calixis Sector, and specifically in and around the Koronus Expanse, which is the setting for the material published by Fantasy Flight.

The very basic history is as follows:

House Blackthorne, one of the largest and greatest and oldest of the Rogue Trader Dynasties in the galaxy, and House Locke, one of the second tier houses were joined in marriage. There was a single son.

The Lord-Aleksandr Blackthorne
The Lady-Kieran Locke
The Son- Severus Malchior Gaius Locke-Blackthorne

As often happens with those in power, Lady Locke had a powerful enemy:
Harak Stellan

He managed to somehow kidnap the child and rather than ransom him, or kill him, he put him somewhere where he could not be readily found.
In so doing, he lured the mother, Lady Captain Kieran Locke out of her secured areas of influence and managed to capture her, torture her, label her a heretic and then execute her.
This prompted a long series of events in which Blackthorne engaged in near total war to retrieve his son and take vengeance on the Rogue Trader Harak Stellan.
The final stages of that battle will be detailed shortly, but each of your characters, or at least your house made a contribution to the Blackthorne/Locke cause.

The conclusion of what has amounted to a 20 year quest to kill Harak Stellan will serve as a starting point for the group to get to interact, and find out what adventures that THEY, the mighty Rogue Traders, and future lords of the imperium will carry out in His Blessed Name.
More soon.

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